I am a Runner

I’m starting to run again tomorrow. I stopped running last year because physically I just could not do it. I’ve read about people who run during chemo and I applaud them. Working full time was tough enough for me. I hated giving it up. It really is what helps me de stress and clear my head at the end of my day. It is my outlet. I started again once chemo was over but it was never for long. Fatigue, long commutes and crazy workdays led me to not run more often than run. 

So I will start again tomorrow. I start in a new city. I recently took a great job in the Pacific Northwest. Packed my bags and life and traveled all the way across the country to Portland, OR. Still learning my way but it is the healthiest city I’ve ever lived in so I need to get onboard. I plan to run everyday. Miles or time don’t matter to me right now. Just need to feel my lungs expand and my feet hit the pavement. 

I am also hoping it helps me get rid of the pain I am still dealing with nine months post chemo. I never felt my age before cancer. There are days now I feel like I’m in my 80’s. I have pain in the soles of my feet and right hip pain. If I sit for even a car ride I have to walk bent over for a few steps. This is the result of a chemo drug called Taxol. My only complaint after each chemo session was that I had horrible leg pain. Test after test until I was told that this was “my chemo gift.” So I’ve decided to give this gift back. 

Here’s to adding some distance to my Nike+ app and reclaiming my life along with it.


4 thoughts on “I am a Runner

  1. Tami, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to give up running. For me is that distressing and clearing the mind as well.

    I admire you so much for your strength. I can’t identify having to go through chemo and the post chemo effects you are now experiencing. Was talking with someone who was experiencing this chemotherapy induced pain, and I can’t even imagine.

    So much respect you are back running. For me it is a gift, and I take it too much for granted. May this new city and back running again be a whole new start for you.

    Thank you for sharing. Am very excited for you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carl. It is a gift for me too. One that I understand all to well is not guaranteed for me. I ran 2.5 today. I’m challenging myself to do some mileage daily. I appreciate your support. You inspire me to lace up and go!

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      1. Sorry I just found your comment now Tami. Thank you so much for your kind words. This is amazing what you are doing. Much more disciplined than myself. I should get out every day, (my mental health really benefits from it) but I don’t. Keep going. You are doing awesome! 🙂


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